The innovative approach of Ed.G.E.

By mainstreaming a culture-based educational methodology, including art-based online games/applications and the involvement of children museums and schools, Ed.G.E. aims at educating and raising awareness to children and young people on gender equality and GBV.

Ed.G.E. aims at:

  • Raising awareness to children and young people on gender norms, gender equality and GBV through creative art and cultural activities.
  • Strengthening the competences of teachers, museums and other professionals on implementing creative cultural education approaches that promote gender equality.
  • Enhancing the awareness of parents on the role they can play in educating their children on gender equality.
  • Providing educators with information and necessary tools for working with children on GBV prevention.
  • Advancing the role of schools and museums in promoting gender equality among children and youth and preventing GBV.

How will Ed.G.E. succeed?