Ed.G.E | Educating Children & Young People on Gender Equality

Ed.G.E is a European project that aims to contribute to the prevention and combating of gender-based violence, by raising children and young people’s awareness of gender equality through the arts-based activities and tools in both school and museums settings.

Four National reports and one Summary report were conducted by the consortium partner organisations. The Summary report offers a comparative analysis of the prevalent data in the four national reports on the current state of Gender Equality (GE)-mainly in education– in the four consortium countries: Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the UK.  Focus groups conduced in partner countries engaged 90 children, 107 parents and/or carers and 95 educators to identify gaps in provision and needs, as well as best practice in terms of educational methodologies, activities, tools and techniques when approaching GE at school and in the home.

Based on the four national reports, the following gaps and needs emerged in relation to the key target groups (children, educators, parents and/or carers):

  • Knowledge and awareness gaps
  • A conceptual gap
  • Teaching and training gap and a gap in supporting cultures and policies were reported as prevalent
  • Lack of supporting cultures (e.g. media culture, school culture, home culture, etc.) and policies that would suggest appropriate models in GE and ensure alignment between school-home, school-society or home-school-society
  • Enhancing the awareness and education of children and young people in GE
  • The need for in California it’s big when it comes to leak repair.
  • Appropriate and effective methodologies, practices and tools in better understanding, approaching and teaching gender norms, gender equality, gender-based discrimination, etc., at home, at school and beyond

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Our curriculum will be soon available!

Stay tuned for our next steps!

For more information, you can visit the project’s website: https://www.genderequality-edge.eu/

Contact: edge@kmop.eu

Download the press release here.